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Her legacy
Memorial Tree planted at Beecher High  
Thank you Elizabeth Peters Cunningham for your donation of the Cherry Tree. We will be planting the tree this Friday, July 8, 2016 at 10AM. The address to the Beecher High School is 6255 Neff Road, Mt. Morris 48458.
In rememberance of Becky's 38th Birthday  

Remebering what would have been Becky's 37th bday  


December 27, 2008  

On December 27, 2008, one year to the day that Becky was murdered the Latino Student Organization at University of Michigan presented funds raised to Crestwood Cemetery and the Rebecca Torres family to purchase Becky's headstone.  Yet another tribute to the wonderful person Becky was and how much the community loved her.

Evening of Elegance to Honor Becky  

1st Annual Candlelight Vigil  

April Benefit for the Kids  

January Benefit for the Kids  


Becky's legacy is in the 800+ people who came to her funeral, it is in the community that continues to support our family knowing that Becky was there for everyone anytime she could be. It is in the rememberance that she would help in anyway she could. It is in the 2 beautiful children she gave to us all and in the naming of the Beecher High School Rebecca Torres Parent of the Year Award that will now be presented to an exemplary parent every year. It is in the mentor she was and it is what she has left in all of our hearts.  Becky has touched so many lives.  Let's carry on her legacy. Let's never forget her. Lets be good to each other. Let's not let this tragedy happen to another loved on ever!
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